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Welcome to the Rosetta Project's Worldwide Ground-Based Campaign

Amateur Astronomers

Calling all amateur observers! Be part of the Rosetta Worldwide Ground-based Observing Program to observe comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (C-G) from April - December 2015, as the Rosetta orbiter accompanies the comet to its perihelion and outbound journey.

Amateur astronomers will be able to make significant contributions to the campaign, especially in 2015 , from recovery of the comet (which is currently in solar conjunction), around perihelion in August; and post-perihelion when the comet becomes its brightest (September - November).  Amateurs can contribute in many formats, ranging from imaging, spectroscopic and binocular observations to sketches. Amateur astronomers can sign up here and on the corresponding Facebook group (PACA_Rosetta67P). For additional information, please contact Padma Yanamandra-Fisher.

Professional Astronomers

The website provides information for professional astronomers on what observing programs exist (or are planned), and who is leading them, and has useful information for proposal preparation. Details on how professional astronomers can contribute to the campaign are available on this website. For additional information, please contact Colin Snodgrass.

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