Rosetta Mission Asks: What Can We Learn from Comets?

The Rosetta mission will give us an unprecedented look inside a comet, watching the icy traveler become active as it nears the sun. What can we learn from this adventure?


The Rosetta Mission Asks: What Can We Learn From Comets?

00:15 Rosetta really excites me 'cuz it's a mission of a whole bunch of firsts

00:21 It's the first time that we are living with a comet

00:25 It’s the first time we’re going to be landing on a comet.

00:30 Comet CG as we call it was a right fit because this comet was

00:33 In the right plane, it was coming in at the right angle to the sun.

00:40 Comet Churyumov Gerasimenko was named after

00:43 the two astronomers who discovered it.

00:46 The comet changes dramatically between being far away

00:50 from the sun and getting in close to the sun and watching those changes

00:53 take place over time are going to be very exciting.

00:58 Onboard the spacecraft are a whole host of instruments

01:02 Some of them require that you’re close to the comet

01:04 whereas other ones especially the cameras prefer that you’re far away.

01:13 This is going to be the first time ever we see a comet from the inside

01:20 Rosetta is going to provide us with an unprecedented characterization

01:23 of a comet that provides us a window to the early phases of the solar system.

01:33 I like to think of it as we are essentially doing archaeology of our own solar system.

01:38 It may tell us where the origin of the water that we have on earth came from

01:47 Also comets have organics and some of the organics may have been

01:51 the origin of life on earth and perhaps elsewhere.

01:56 We wouldn’t be going there if we already knew what was there

01:59 One of the reason we do this is we hunt for surprises

2:03 Scientifically that’s why we do this

2:05 that’s why we do-

2:06 Rosetta is difficult

2:07 It’s gonna give us so much information, so much science.

2:11 So we’re very excited, data has started to come down from Rosetta

2:15 and this is the start of our journey