Technical Specifications

Rosetta Instruments

Rosetta Spacecraft

The Rosetta design is based on a box-type central structure (2.8 m x 2.1 m x 2.0 m) on which all subsystems and payload equipment are mounted.
Two solar panels, with a combined area of 64m2 , stretch out to 14 m in length.
The total span from tip to tip is 32 m.

Rosetta Instruments

The spacecraft carries 11 instruments in the orbiter and 10 in the Philae Lander.

On the Rosetta Orbiter:
Composition analysis: ROSINA, COSIMA, MIDAS
Nucleus large-scale structure: CONSERT
Dust flux and mass distribution: GIADA
Comet plasma environment and solar wind interaction: Rosetta Plasma Consortium (RPC) suite of instruments (including IES)
Radio science: RSI
On the Rosetta Lander, Philae: APXS, COSAC, MODULUS (Ptolemy), SD2, CIVA, ROLIS, SESAME, MUPUS, ROMAP, CONSERT.

U.S. Rosetta Project Instrument Specifications

ALICE (miniaturized ultraviolet imaging spectrometer)
ALICE -- Measured Flight Performance
Passband: 700-2050 Å
Spectral resolution: 4-8 Å point source, 8-12 Å extended source
Spatial resolution: 0.05o x 0.6o
Field of view: 0.05o x 2.0o + 0.1o x 4.0o
Mass/power: 3.0 Kg / 4 W

IES (Ion and Electron Sensor)
IES -- Measured Flight Performance
Energy range: 1 eV - 30 keV<
Energy resolution: 4%
Field of view: 2.8 π steradians
Mass/power: 1 Kg / 1.85 W

MIRO (Microwave Instrument for the Rosetta Orbiter)
MIRO: Measured Flight Performance
Passband: 190 GHz, ~1.6 mm (millimeter wavelengths); 562 GHz, ~0.5 mm (sub-millimeter wavelengths)
Spectral resolution: < 100 kHz (sub-millimeter)
Spatial resolution: 75 m (millimeter); 25 m (sub-millimeter)
Field of view: < 22 arc minutes (millimeter); < 8 arc minutes (sub-millimeter)
Radiometric sensitivity: 1 K (continuum)
Mass/power: 19.9 Kg / 43 W

ROSINA (Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis).
ROSINA has three separate subsystems; one is the DFMS, a Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer, for which NASA contributed a portion of the electronics .
ROSINA/DFMS --Measured Flight Performance
Mass range: 12- > 130 AMU
Mass resolution: 1200-3650 @ 1%
Sensitivity: 5 x 10^ - 6 A/Torr