Rosetta Lutetia Flyby

ESA's comet-chaser Rosetta met asteroid Lutetia on Saturday 10 July 2010. This video presents the Rosetta mission and explains the encounter with Lutetia. Launched in March 2004 Rosetta's main objective is to rendezvous with the Comet 67 P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and send a lander on its surface in 2014. En route Rosetta has already passed asteroid Steins in 2008. Such asteroid flybys are welcomed by the scientific community who use them to learn more about the origin of the Solar System because the asteroids are left-overs from the building of the planets. The close pass of Lutetia - within 3200 kms of the space rock - allows around two hours of good imaging.


  • ESA
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