Flickr: Amateur Images of Comet 67P

After the perihelion passage, amateurs will likely be the first to recover the comet and provide us with our first post-perihelion pictures of the comet from the ground. Any interested member of the public can view the amateur images via the Flickr albums associated with Rosetta’s ground-based observing campaign.

Small Worlds Week: Comets

Starting July 6th and going through July 10th, planetary scientists will partner with the Sun-Earth Day team to bring you the latest information and science about our solar system's smallest members. It’s Small Worlds Week and Monday, July 6th will focus on comets, comets like 67P.

Ground-Based Observers' Certificate of Participation

You should be proud. The Philae lander has woken from its slumber perched on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The Rosetta spacecraft and comet are only 59 days from perihelion (closest approach to the sun). And Earth-based observers all over the world are contributing to our understanding of comet 67P – observers just like you. We are all making history together.

We would like to recognize your observations of the comet by offering you a certificate of participation.

The Amateur Astronomer Experience: Jean-Gabriel Bosch

In a new series, we take a look at the amateur astronomer experience and start with French astronomer Jean-Gabriel Bosch. Bosch is a part of the team that first recovered comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on April 13, 2015. See April’s post for more about this recovery.

This is Personal: Rosetta’s Alice Instrument and Comet 67P

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosetta mission has provided the public with never-before-seen, up close and personal views of a comet – the comet being 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This is a notable mission for many reasons. Even if you don’t know meteors from Mars, you probably have heard of Rosetta and comet 67P.

Findings discussed in a recent paper from the NASA Alice instrument aboard the Rosetta spacecraft are changing our views on how molecules that make up the comet, and which emit from its jets (or plumes), break down to the atomic level.

Be a Part of the Excitement

Did you hear, did you hear -- things are “heating” up for comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Just as the activity of the comet is increasing while coming closer and closer to the sun (perihelion will take place in August 2015), so is activity gathering momentum much closer to home.

Amateur Observer Update 1: 2015 April 15: Comet 67P Recovered

Rosetta target 67P has been recovered Jean-Francois Soulier, Jean-Gabriel Bosch and Alain Maury from Chile on 2015 April 13 at a mag of of 16.8! Congratulations to the observers, A. Maury, J.-F. Soulier and J.-G. Bosch.

European Geosciences Union - Latest results from the ESA Rosetta mission

Vienna, Austria: 12 April – 17 April 2015
Tuesday, 14 April, 12:00–13:00 CEST (Stream)

Rosetta Ground Based Campaign: Calling All Amateur Astronomers

Are you an amateur astronomer? The Rosetta mission has an opportunity for you, one that will allow you to collaborate with professional astronomers and study a comet in tandem with a real space mission.

Rosetta Science Working Team meeting report

US Rosetta Project Scientist Claudia Alexander and ESA's Rosetta Project Scientist Matt Taylor report on the discussions held at the recent Rosetta Science Working Team meeting.


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