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  • 11.14.2007
    Images taken right after Rosetta's second Earth swing-by are now available. The comet chaser's navigation camera (NAVCAM) took pictures of regions in the Antarctic and snapshots of Earth and the Moon.
  • 11.13.2007
    An important milestone has just been accomplished as Rosetta successfully swung by Earth at 21:57 CET. The spacecraft will now be catapulted towards the outer Solar System with its newly-gained energy before coming back to Earth for another boost.
  • 11.08.2007
    ESA's comet chaser, Rosetta, is on its way to its second close encounter with Earth on 13 November. The spacecraft's operators are leaving no stones unturned to make sure Earth's gravity gives it the exact boost it needs en route to its destination.
  • 02.26.2007
    Mars' weekend visitor, the Rosetta spacecraft, successfully whooshed by the planet, getting one of the boosts it needs to head for its comet target
  • 02.23.2007
    The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft, on its way to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, is about to get a boost from the red planet. The simulated image above shows Rosetta's view of Mars from 3.113 million kilometers (1.934 million miles) away.