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How to Land on a Comet - TED

Amateur Observer Update

Rosetta target 67P has been recovered Jean-Francois Soulier, Jean-Gabriel Bosch and Alain Maury from Chile on 2015 April 13 at a mag of of 16.8!

Rosetta at EGU – press briefing 14 April

Watch the press briefing on the latest science results from the Rosetta mission from the European Geosciences Union General Assembly LIVE NOW.

Rosetta and Philae find comet not magnetised

Measurements made by Rosetta and Philae during the probe’s multiple landings on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko show that the comet’s nucleus is not magnetised.

Next Listening Opportunities for Philae
Despite Rosetta’s new trajectory scheme, the orbiter is still able to listen out for its lander Philae, in case it has woken up from hibernation. Thus a new listening window opens on Sunday, 12 April.

Rosetta Infographic